You have stopped for the night in Marblehaven Hollow, a small mining town in the south of Estin and are on your way to Gasteneau's Hold to attend the hanging of Desmere Haran -- the self-proclaimed Lord of the Eight Nations who has ruled these last 28 years with the intention of uniting them, but who, instead, kindled the fires of war and rebellion from the Midian Ocean to the Spine of Knives in the West.

His stronghold ravaged by the once-neutral Citadel of Myth, himself captured and his armies scattered by rebel soldiers - The Lord of the Eight Nations rules no-more. A trepid peace has slowly begun to calm the storms of war and the Eight Nations have been restored though many Lords and Kings have claimed border disputes in the wake.

In Gasteneau's Hold, Archmage Rogash Ravan has announced a great celebration to precede the hanging, and has invited men and women from every nation to attend without fear of the Ste'enval or Citadel soldiers - who many claim turned the tide against overwhelming odds in the rebellion against Haran. Ravan has also decreed that during the celebration an amnesty for crimes of magic will be in place and that gold will be given to any who will have their magical potential tested in hopes of restoring the dwindling ranks of the Ste'enval.

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